This report is based on the findings of the Values-Based Child and Adolescent Mental Health System Commission, Chaired by Baroness Claire Tyler of Enfield.  It was co-sponsordered by the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition, YoungMinds and the Royal College of Psychiatrists, with support from the Collaborative Centre for Values-Based Practice in Health and Social Care, St Catherine’s College, Oxford.

The report makes a total of ten recommendations, including calling on governments to formally recognise schools as a crucial component of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health System in the following ways:

  • Schools should be able to teach children and young people about mental health in the same way they teach them about literacy or numeracy
  • Undertake mental health impact assessments to ensure that both schools/education policy and wider government policy and legislation are not detrimental to children and young people’s mental health
  • Ensure that schools are able to identify mental health issues and can easily signpost pupils to relevant support, either within the school or their local community, and have the accountability to do this.

The full report is freely availabe on the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ website – Click here to download the report, and here to download the press release.