This change in our online home comes at a time of great activity for us and our members. A punctuation mark where we can look back at what we have achieved and what we will do in the future. We have just entered a new decade, one where we hope to help shape real change for our children and young people. The turn of the year is a fitting time to look at the bigger picture.

We are excited about our new site, not only because it’s a sleeker, modern place to showcase our work, but also because it is symbolic – symbolic of the Coalition expanding its work and its support to members working across a breadth of issues. This year, we will be celebrating our big 10th birthday which will bring exciting announcements and events with it, so watch this space.

10 years of CYPMHC

The Coalition’s 10th birthday got us thinking about another milestone. We recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of the ‘ Seminal changes came from this convention; changes we take for granted now, such as advocacy for all children in care. It’s inspiring in the current climate, with some difficult challenges, to know that things which have seemed immovable can be changed.

It is powerful to know that together we can change the landscape. Much has been done, but there is much still to do.

We are so proud and amazed to be working with over 200 member organisations. From 28 founding members we have grown to 200 widely varied groups, all working together, all determined to transform children and young people’s mental health. We are lucky to have the scope and variety of working with a nationwide service provider one day and a small parent advocacy group the next. We are driven by all our members and offer help when they need it.

Our achievements

We used the strength and breadth of our members’ voices to produce our election manifesto, which we shared with the public and sent to party leaders. We have responded to government consultations and attended parliamentary roundtables, using up to date robust member work. We have produced our own reports addressing overlooked issues. All this year!

Stepping back, we have achieved a lot in the last decade. Some highlights include:

Future in mind: A big government commitment through the NHS to put children and young people’s mental health at the fore. £1.25 billion in funding was given. The Coalition actively influenced the policy and direction of this piece.

Our lobbying in 2015 helped bring about the Government’s prevalence survey for children and young people’s mental health 3 years later, a crucial piece of work which uncovered the scale of the challenge our children and young people face.

A whole school approach is a policy we champion, and in 2014 we published a framework with Public Health England, spread across schools and teaching unions, allowing us to make positive change in student’s mental health.

I could go on, but instead I’ll leave you to explore our site for all our past work and upcoming projects!

Whilst children and young people’s mental health is far from where it should be, we will be here, fighting to change that, with and on behalf of our member community. This is the place to find our work, old and new. Here’s to another 10 years of working together to change the landscape for good.