We believe that the following three principles need to be in place in order to build resilient organisations, as well as resilient people within them. To implement these key principles, schools and colleges need to be adequately resourced and supported in order to play their part within a wider system, to support pupil’s mental health and wellbeing.

  • Better Balance between Wellbeing and Attainment
  • Better Training and Support for School Staff on Mental Health
  • Better Support for Children and Young People When Needed

DOWNLOAD: The Key Principles for Improving Children and Young People’s Mental Health in Schools and Colleges

Promoting Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Following on from our report Resilience and Results, we have been working with Public Health England to develop a framework to help schools understand how implementing the key principles of a whole school approach, can help promote emotional health and wellbeing within schools. This document can be downloaded by clicking on the following link.

Following are some examples of how schools are actively working to promote the emotional health and wellbeing of their students:

As well as schools, there are a number of programmes and projects who are also working in or with schools to promote emotional health and wellbeing. Following are a few examples of these programmes and projects: