CYPMHC Strategic Plan 2018

In July this year, the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition proudly moved to the Centre for Mental Health. The move to a new host offered us an opportunity to think more deeply about the kind of organisation we believe might best suit our strategic direction and has allowed us a thorough review of our key priorities.

A survey was circulated to members to gather responses from across the whole membership to find out more about their key priorities for improving infant, children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing and extend our learning community. The information gathered informed the design of a strategy planning day with Steering Group members. This subsequently led to the development of a revised strategic plan for the CYPMHC for the next three years. The plan was then subject to further consultation with the Governance Group and Steering Group.

After developing our new strategic plan in partnership with our Members, we are delighted to announce the launch of our plan to mark World Mental Health Day 2018.

Three key strategic priorities have been agreed for the Coalition to take forward and influence over the coming years:

1.         PREVENTION: The promotion of good mental health, the prevention of mental health difficulties and the reduction of inequalities in all national and local policies and strategies impacting on infants, children, young people and families

2.         EARLY INTERVENTION: Greater investment in accessible, high quality, person-centred, early intervention approaches to infants’, children’s and young people’s mental health

3.         WORKFORCE: Everyone having the knowledge, skills and confidence to recognise and address the mental health needs of infants, children and young people.

Many thanks again to all those who contributed to the development of our new strategy and we look forward to continuing working with you all to realise these ambitions.

CYPMHC strategic plan 2018