CYPMHC Members’ Report 2021

The Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition Members’ Report 2021 is based on the unique insights gathered from the Coalition’s member organisations, as well as from young people and parents.

The report reflects on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on children and young people, and on our members. Members, young people, parents and carers were concerned about the rising mental health need among children and young people following the pandemic. The pandemic has also placed additional pressures on mental health support services, with many of the Coalition’s members from the voluntary and community sector reporting a surge in demand for their services.

Education, community and health settings are also vital sources of support for infant, children and young people’s mental health. The report explores the many challenges these settings still face, despite recent policy initiatives and investment to increase the availability of support.

The report calls for a cross-departmental strategy to put the mental health and wellbeing of all babies, children and young people at the heart of decision-making. Further investment is also required into the mental health support provided through education, community and health settings to ensure that early intervention and prevention is prioritised.

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