A manifesto for babies, children, and young people’s mental health

As we approach the next general election, we are calling on all political parties to prioritise babies, children, and young people’s mental health.

Our ‘Manifesto for babies, children and young people’s mental health’ outlines the changes needed to improve mental health outcomes and address enduring issues within the children’s mental health system. The recommendations have consensus from across the mental health sector and set out a series of steps the next government can take to make sure all babies, children, and young people grow up in a society that prioritises their mental health.

We are calling political parties to:

  • Commit at least an additional £1.7bn per year for Integrated Care Systems to deliver a comprehensive mental health pathway for all babies, children and young people aged 0-25.
  • Embed whole educational approaches to mental health and wellbeing across all education settings.
  • Increase the provision of early intervention support in the community through the national roll-out of early support hubs in every local area.
  • Bring forward reform of the Mental Health Act 1983, to ensure that children and young people’s rights are protected and promoted, and that they receive high quality and compassionate care
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