The Commissioner’s findings show that the needs of some of our most vulnerable children and young people are simply not being met when it comes to their mental health.

We welcome the objectives set out in the NHS long term plan and how many children it hopes to reach. But these figures show that even with the promised additional resources, it would still not cover the vast number of children and young people that need help.

Most importantly, we know that solving this problem is not just about more support for the NHS. Prevention and promotion are crucial and can happen very effectively in schools and in communities. Preventing mental health problems occurring or escalating improves children’s lives and takes strain off specialist NHS services.

CYPMHC has been calling for a cross government approach to tackle the crisis we face across the system. Mental health is affected by so many areas, from housing to peer support-this must be reflected by a wide approach, not just left for the Department of Health and Social Care to address.’

A copy of the full report is available here

Kadra Abdinasir, Strategic Lead, Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition (CYPMHC)