This is the third in a series of briefings to share findings from our ongoing intelligence-gathering on the impact of COVID-19 on the children’s sector, based on issues that professionals are seeing in the course of their work. A number of organisations from across the children’s sector are working in partnership on this, – including The Children’s Society, Action for Children, Barnardo’s, Children England, UNICEF UK, Become, Family Rights Group, Children’s Rights Alliance England, British Association of Social Workers, Just for Kids Law and the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition.

This briefing will specifically focus on the concerns raised by practitioners in relation to the mental health and well-being of children and young people and the support available to them during the pandemic. There were 108 respondents at the time of analysis and the insight shared in this briefing is based upon those who specifically shared their views about mental health provision.

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Live reporting form for practitioners

We are still gathering information and accepting responses to help inform our briefings.

Professionals providing support for children, young people and families are at the frontline of responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, and we know that many new challenges are arising with each passing day. Services providing mental health support to children and young people are now having to adapt and find different ways of providing support. At present, there is a lack of intelligence on the ways in which services are having to do this and the issues they face. The Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition wants to use its position to alert decision makers to the needs of the sector.

This Live Reporting Form can be filled out anytime. As soon as you see an issue arise, it can be logged, along with the type of government help that you would need. We are also keen to hear about service issues affecting vulnerable and disadvantaged children seen in your work.

We hope the live reporting form can help us to help you during this difficult time. The form can be accessed here.