Zurich Community Trust

“ZCT has learnt that by influencing policy and practice that the reach and breadth of impact can be significant. With the CYPMHC the value of a unified voice is very powerful indeed. The focus is now on its sustainability and sharing the huge learning about the needs of the children and young people to support positive mental health and wellbeing.” Steve Grimmett, Head of ZCT

Paul Hamlyn Foundation

“CYPMHC is a leading campaigning and policy body connecting over 100 organisations. Paul Hamlyn Foundation is supporting the Coalition to build on its success to develop new strands of work and ensure that young people’s mental health remains high on the Government’s agenda.” Moira Sinclair, Chief Executive at Paul Hamlyn Foundation

AIM Foundation

The Aim Foundation is a family foundation that seeks to achieve positive social change by promoting wellbeing through funding organisations working to prevent problems arising. The AIM Foundation was set up in 1989 with an endowment that has allowed grant-giving of £400,000 in recent years.