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Our Steering Group members all have a direct interest in the CYPMHC’s remit. They are:

  • children and young people's charities that include a focus on mental health issues
  • charities that focus entirely on the mental health of children and young people
  • charities that work in the field of mental health and include a focus on children and young people.

What Steering Group members do:

  • Attend CYPMHC board meetings and help set the CYPMHC’s priorities.
  • Publicly endorse the CYPMHC and associate themselves with it.
  • Work to involve their members, supporters, and young people’s representatives in the CYPMHC’s work.

Participate in the CYPMHC's work by:

  • undertaking communications and public affairs work
  • helping to write policy briefings and responses to government consultations
  • sharing political contacts
  • engaging in participation work with children and young people
  • helping to organise events.

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We continue to recruit supporting members.

You simply need to be willing to:

  • support the CYPMHC’s key aims and aspirations
  • publicly endorse the CYPMHC’s work
  • spread the CYPMHC’s messages
  • encourage others to support the CYPMHC
  • get involved with events led by the CYPMHC, where you can.

You will get:

  • regular updates from us
  • opportunities to contribute to CYPMHC activities and workstreams.

See who you'll join as a Supporting Group member

Please contact Shizana Arshad to find out more about joining.